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Terraclean saves you money, reduces emissions and cleans your engine! It cleans everything from the injectors through to the tip of the exhaust including the cat




TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology which makes a significant improvement to the Emissions, MPG and Driveability/Performance of your vehicle.  A TerraClean service will remove carbon and other lacquers which build up in your engine, thus restoring vehicle efficiency, improving MPG and reducing harmful emissions. We will link your vehicle to one of our TerraClean machines (either Petrol or Diesel). The machine will take over as the fuel supply for the vehicle and use a highly refined, none harmful fuel coupled with the patented technology of the equipment to remove the build up of carbon from your vehicle. This normally takes around an hour or so. You can either leave your car with us or wait in our lounge area with a cup of tea!

What you can expect from a

Terraclean service



A Terraclean service will:-

• Restore fuel economy

• Regain vehicle performance

• Smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency

• Save on costly repairs by prolonging

component life

• Give immediate drive-away difference



Did you know?


Only Terraclean will restore your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from your oxygen sensors and other engine components.


Don’t just take our word for it!

Terraclean is OEM approved by a leading

vehicle manufacturer for use on their vehicles and is recommended by TV’s Edd China

What our customers say.


"All I can say is I didn't think my diesel

could run any better/ cleaner than it did,

I was skeptical to say the least but after

the Terraclean diesel procedure

 the word I would use is refreshed. The car feels as I would imagine it felt when it was new 10 years ago, smoother, more responsive and I'm getting 3 to 4mpg more than before.

Highly recommended."   Peter - BMW



"I was amazed at the difference in our car, it had been sluggish and we though we had problems with the injectors, but after the Terraclean it was like a different car!" Jake - Ford


"After approximately 1hour of the engine

being coupled to your hi tech machine

I was let loose in my own vehicle to see

if there was any noticeable difference,

the results were staggering! There were

marked improvements in throttle

response, engine note, driveability,

and more importantly MPG!"

R.T. Forsyth


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